Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines are known and renowned for being that bottle which on festive occasions "goes with a bang" when uncorked.

But what's behind it? Starting right from the vineyard itself, to obtain a good sparkling wine several precautions are taken to have good acidity and aromatic profile in the bottle. For example, the moment of harvesting is slightly earlier than other grapes precisely to preserve these characteristics.

The art of making sparkling wine then involves a second fermentation in an autoclave (Martinotti or Charmant method), after intial alcoholic fermentation, thanks to which the much-loved bubbles are obtained.

Once bottled, sparkling wine develops a pressure of about 3-3.5 atm based on the sugar dosage, added for the "prise de mousse" and which will remain in part at the moment of drinking, giving the denominations: Pas Dosé, Extra Brut, Brut, dry, extra dry, demi sec and sweet..

Bubbles, as everyone knows, should be drunk cold, so we recommend 6-8°C to enjoy them at their best.


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