Classic method

The classic methods have been our great love ever since our grandfather bottled a sparkling base of Durella grapes, sugar and yeasts to enable the second fermentation in the bottle to work its magic, thus giving structure, complexity and those very welcome hints of freshly baked bread.

While the wine lies immobile in the bottle (usually with a crown cap), remuage is performed, a technique which consists in turning the bottles placed on special inclined supports called pupitre to ensure that the yeasts are transported by gravity towards the cap.

Once the stop sur lie (on the lees) is over, the degorge or disgorgement is carried out which consists in detaching the frozen neck of the bottle and topping up the bottles with the same wine (Pas Dosé) or with a liqueur d'expedition - hydroalcoholic solution with sugar - which will define the sugar dosage present in the finished bottle (Extra Brut, Brut, etc.).

We recommend a serving temperature between 8° and 10°C to better appreciate the bubbles.


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