Subscribing to our Wine Boxes is quick and easy.

You can choose from 4 possible types of Boxes, depending on the complexity of the wines.

You can subscribe for 3 , 6 or 12 months , and you can always cancel your subscription at anytime whatsoever, and with no additional costs.

And so you will embark on a new journeydifferent from any other, among the vineyards and countryside of the Veneto and Trentino regions .

You will discover the wines of smaller niche winemakers .

Our Wine Boxes contain 3 surprise wines , different each time, arriving directly to your home or to the recipient of your gift.

Still not completely sure? Any lingering doubts ? Don't worry - instead of subscribing you can choose to buy a single Wine Box and you will receive it at home in 48/72 hours so you can see first-hand what we offer.

When you subscribe you will receive your Wine Box by the 15th of each month starting from the month following your subscription.

If you choose to send a gift, you may choose the duration of the months, at the end of which the subscription will be canceled automatically, without any stress for you!

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4 products

Three quality wines for every occasion
$50.00 per month
A bubble and two wines of character
$67.00 per month
Two structured wines and a classic method
$89.00 per month
Only classic method our passion
$100.00 per month