Corte Canella

La Vero Soave 'Corte Canella'


Soave di Corte Canella is a wine with a very special story. A winery that has always been dedicated to the cultivation of red grapes, one day inherits a few hectares of white grape vineyards from grandfather Giuseppe. Not knowing where to start, the decision was made on impulse... let's do what we've always known how to do, let's cultivate it as we cultivate red grapes! It was a success!


Denomination: Soave Doc

Grapes: Garganega 90% Trabbiano di Soave 10%

Region: Veneto (Italy)

Alcohol content: 12%

Format: 75 cl bottle

Vinification: The grapes are harvested by hand: a first part is placed in the fruit cellar for a slight drying, while the remaining part remains to ripen on the vine.
The musts we obtain, before fermentation, will be placed in tanks at 4°: we will therefore have a cleaner fermentation, with a better extraction of perfumes.
We then proceed with two separate fermentations, so as to be able to subsequently create the perfect blend.
8 months in steel complete the maturation before being bottled

Refinement: in steel for 8 months

Allergens: Contains sulphites

Color: Straw yellow
Olfactory analysis: The olfactory notes are typical of these vines (white flowers and white pulp fruit) notes that go well with a good minerality
Taste analysis: Elegant, fresh and fragrant are the two main qualities, with a beautiful aromatic persistence and a fruity finish of great elegance
How to serve it: Service temperature 10°-12°C
How to taste it: Tulip goblet
Pairings: Perfect as an aperitif, ideal for a fish dinner


The story of this winery speaks of vineyards and dreams, of a man and his love for the land, with one desire: to trace his own path.
In 2009, Francesco overturns and re-invests his whole life in an ambitious project: to open a cellar and make a wine that leaves its mark. Accompanied by his wife Adriana, Corte Canella was born.
In 2013, her daughter Gloria joins her: daughter of a dream that didn't belong to her, now she represents the future.