Villa San Carlo

Signum Pantheum Recioto della Valpolicella 2021 'Villa San Carlo'


Signum Pantheum Recioto della Valpolicella di Villa San Carlo is produced from a selection of grapes from the highest vineyards of the company and dried for about three months in the naturally ventilated loft


Denomination: Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG

Grapes: Corvina 85%, Rondinella 5%, other varieties 10%

Region: Veneto (Italy)

Alcohol content: 14.5%

Format: 50 cl bottle

Vinification: The selected grapes are harvested in the highest vineyards of the company, followed by three months of drying in the naturally ventilated loft. Destemming is followed by a few days of cold pre-fermentation maceration which increases the extraction of color and aromatic precursors. Fermentation takes place at low temperatures, between 12 and 16 °C, for about two weeks, slowing down slowly and leaving a pleasant sugary residue

Refinement: Stop in steel for about 4 months and refinement in the bottle for another 8 months

Color: Bright ruby ​​red
Olfactory analysis: The nose is dominated by hints of ripe fruit, blackberry, morello cherry accompanied by light spicy notes
Taste Analysis: The mouth is intense and complex, floral and red fruit aromas are perceived. A delicately sweet finish balances the alcoholic note
How to serve it: Serving temperature 10°-12°C
How to taste it: Small goblet
Pairings: It is best expressed with blue or seasoned cheeses, spoon desserts, dry pastries, chocolate


In 1958 , Gianni Pavesi got married and bought the Villa San Carlo estate, a precise lifestyle choice that allowed his six children to grow up and live enjoying the benefits of the natural environment and developing a solid bond with their land. The wine business is structured starting from the 2009 harvest, from this vintage, in fact, Gianni, after a life as a successful entrepreneur, matures the will to see his passion for the vineyard combined with the value of his land in a label in the name of Villa San Carlo .