Cancer Box three bottles


Cancer, impenetrable and sensitive .

A water sign, defensive and seemingly impenetrable, with a hard but sweet and sensitive shell, Cancer is capable of truly loving. Perhaps a little shy, sometimes nostalgic, tenacious and protective, he will find joy in a glass of sweet wine.

Light and refreshing wines are also suitable for this sign. White wines with floral and delicate notes.

What you will find inside the box:

  • A bottle of Signum Pantheum Recioto from Villa San Carlo : Signum Pantheum Recioto della Valpolicella from Villa San Carlo is produced from a selection of grapes from the company's highest vineyards and dried for approximately three months in the naturally ventilated fruit cellar. Intense and complex wine where floral aromas and a delicate sweet finish are balanced by a good alcoholic note.
  • A bottle of Gewürztraminer Trentino DOC 2021 'Villa Piccola' : The Villa Piccola agricultural company is a small family-run business that was founded in 1991 from the Rossi family's passion for viticulture. Intense wine, with strong floral notes, soft, delicate and enveloping on the palate.
  • A bottle of Soave Classico 'Suavia' : The Soave Classico from the Suavia winery is a fresh, fruity wine, highly drinkable and, at the same time, with an unmistakable character. It was born on hills located in the northern part of the Soave Classico district, on soils of volcanic origin at heights of approximately 300 meters above sea level
  • If you wish, a postcard with your best wishes to the recipient of the gift.

The cost of this Box includes a contribution to shipping costs.