A selected box for a fish-based Christmas menu. Three excellent white wines, a Trento DOC from Cahrdonnay grapes, a late harvest Garganega and a Piwi obtained from a blend that encompasses the aromaticity of Bronner and the finesse and character of Johanniter.

What you will find inside the box:

  • A bottle of Felsen Trento DOC 72 months: Trento DOC vintage of indistinguishable value, obtained only with selected Chardonnay grapes.
    After a long aging in the bottle, this Blanc de Blancs is a synthesis of elegance, freshness and harmonious complexity.
  • A bottle of Metronis di Villa San Carlo: Metronis Vendemmia Tardiva Villa San Carlo 2021 is obtained from only hand-selected Garganega grapes and harvested in late harvest towards the end of October. From over 40-year-old vines of a low-yield historic parcel, a concentrated fruit is harvested, rich in noble compounds that enhance its characteristics.
  • A bottle of Cerealto di Terre di Cerealto: This wine is an expression of the Cerealto plateau. A blend that contains the power and aroma of Bronner and the finesse and character of Johanniter.