service that allows the customer to activate the subscription to receive a Wine Box containing the products (three wines) selected at the discretion of Wine 'n more on a monthly basis, according to one of the subscription formulas offered, at the address indicated.

Purchase of the Subscription service

By connecting to the site, the customer can view the types of season tickets available for purchase and select the one of his interest.

Once the chosen subscription has been selected, the customer is directed to the product page, where he can:

  • check the selected subscription, its price and read more information and specifications on the chosen product
  • choose whether to proceed with the simple one-off purchase of the chosen box
  • choose the duration of the subscription, three, six or twelve months
  • enter any promotional code to take advantage of any discounts on products
  • proceed with the purchase of the subscription by clicking on "Add to cart" and "Proceed to checkout"

In the "Billing address" section, the customer must enter his tax information.

In the "Shipping address" section, the customer must specify whether he intends to have the product shipped to an address other than the billing address (for example for a gift). If so, you will need to enter your shipping details.

In the "Proceed to payment" section, the customer has the possibility to review his purchase and choose one of the payment methods. By clicking on "Subscribe" you proceed to payment and subscription.

In order to be able to use the subscription service, the Customer must simultaneously register in the "Reserved Area" section according to the methods indicated on the site.

Automatic Renewal of Subscription

The subscription automatically and tacitly renews every month on the day it was first subscribed, for the programmed duration. For example, if the subscription was signed on December 10th, it will automatically renew on January 10th, February 10th and so on. Unless canceled by the customer. In any case, the first box will be delivered by the 15th of the month following subscription

Cancellation, suspension and renewal of the Subscription

The Customer can interrupt the subscription service in the manner indicated below.

The renewal date is indicated in the Reserved Area and communicated to the customer in the order confirmation email referred to in point

To cancel the subscription, simply go to your "customer area", from where you can access the orders placed, and cancel the subscription here. From that moment on, nothing will be charged and the customer will no longer receive the Wine Box for the following months (subject to receipt of the Wine Box that may already be ordered and shipped, if the subscription has been canceled after the monthly renewal date). Contextually, if the subscription was created by paying with PayPal, it is also necessary to cancel the subscription on your PayPal account.